Robert Lapiska is a native Pittsburger who now resides in Mars, Pennsylvania. With over 36-years of experience in a wide range of photographic techniques and on varied subject matter including biological, medical, horticultural, botanical, industrial, commercial, public relations, portrait, wedding, natural science and fine art. Robert can find subject matter anywhere he is and all places in between.

"My range of subjects is so broad, because I don't specialize and I photograpgh as the spirit moves me to. I like to always have a camera with me because nothing is ever the same way twice."

When photographing people, he tries to capture an emotiom or their character. "When producing a portrait, I prefer to work candidly in natural light, so as to capture a true expression of my subject(s) character. If documenting a special occasion such as a wedding, I try to capture the essence of the people and their time in that moment, beyond the so-called formal photographs." His commercial work is an extension of his personal images in that he will take on any subject and when given the opportunity lend his interpretation to it. Gardening has always been an advocation of his, hence the botanical and garden porfolios, that make up most of his "Fine Art" work.

"For all the scientific explanation I have been given or have taught about it, photography is still quite magical to me. I hope you feel the same when viewing my work."